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The Ultimate Guide To OES Benefits: Part 3 – Cost Avoidance


In Part Three of this series, US LED explores why Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES) make financial sense, reducing overall demand for properties and enabling enhancements (like solar) to be cost-effective. In case you missed it, read Part Two here.

In today's competitive market, businesses seek innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency while meeting the needs of their customers. While some struggle to cope with capacity constraints and higher energy costs, others are enabling their buildings to rely less on the grid through electrification and asset enhancements, like solar panels, energy storage, and EV charging station implementation. These property enhancements are a step in the right direction, bridging the gap between energy generation and consumption. However, to achieve long-term success, organizations should consider Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES) to substantially reduce their energy load and associated business overhead costs, thereby relieving budget constraints.

Societal Shifts In The Market

With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing demands of tenants and customers, property owners are experiencing significant shifts in the marketplace. The rise of digital platforms, the need for sustainable practices, and the importance of a seamless customer experience have all contributed to the growing necessity for OES. OES includes but is not limited to LED lighting, HVAC controls, and energy management systems. Learn more about some of the intelligent OES strategies here. While it might sound complex, it is a strategic approach to optimizing energy use within a property, made simple with the right provider choice. These solutions encompass a broad spectrum of technologies and strategies designed to make the most impact on minimizing energy waste and managing resources effectively.

Avoiding Costs – A Real-World Example

Due to these shifts toward electrification and energy storage, property owners are considering costly upgrades to keep up with the evolving energy landscape. However, OES offers a strategic approach. Properties can first reduce their overall demand by optimizing existing energy systems, like lighting and HVAC, before considering more substantial investments. This OES approach avoids unnecessary costs and sets the stage for a painless transition to future technologies by providing those energy and maintenance savings options for reinvestment into new projects.

As an example, consider solar panels and energy storage implementation. Solar is an excellent renewable energy solution, but it remains a significant investment, and its effectiveness is maximized when combined with OES. An audit of a self-storage facility in the Eastern United States determined their annual operational spend was $50,000. This expenditure included the plug load, HVAC, lighting, and maintenance.

By implementing LED lighting upgrades, HVAC controls, and an energy management system, the facility reduced its annual expenses to only $17,500 and reduced its overall energy demand by 98,400 kWh. The $32,500 in savings is now reinvested into projects like solar panels and energy storage. More significantly, there is the benefit of solar avoidance, which reduces the number of solar panels that would need to be purchased, thanks to the reduced demand provided by implementing OES first.

A Strategic Partner For Efficiency

US LED advocates for a strategic OES approach in an environment where electrification projects, solar panels, and EV charging stations are becoming more prevalent. OES is the foundation, reducing overall demand before embracing these ambitious projects. LED lighting, HVAC controls, and energy management systems make it more cost-effective to adopt new initiatives, ensuring that the journey toward sustainability is efficient and economically viable.

Are you looking to make your property more energy-efficient and make future projects more cost-effective? US LED can be a strategic, turnkey partner to help you on the journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future by implementing OES. Start a conversation with US LED today to explore how our complete range of Operational Efficiency Solutions can lead your organization toward significant cost savings options and position you for long-term energy efficiency success.

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