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The Ultimate Guide To OES Benefits: Part 2 – More Electrical Capacity


In part two of this series, US LED examines why organizations pursue more electrical capacity and how Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES) make the most efficient path to that result. In case you missed it, read Part One here.

Reducing a building's overall energy demand has become a primary focus for organizations with the goal of updating their obsolete energy-consuming systems and adding EV chargers and other electrification desires. Owners and facility managers are evaluating their electrical infrastructure concentrating on increasing capacity. Wanting a balanced and comprehensive outcome, Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES) has grown to become a comprehensive strategy for asset electrical capacity improvement to address the challenges of creating a more electrified future. No matter the perspective, the rising cost of energy is a constant reminder to commercial property owners that operational efficiency has significant value and is not just a buzzworthy trend.

Making Upgrades To Keep Up

With the changing future of work and evolving shopping habits, tenants' perspectives are also changing. Properties now need to be more appealing and meet new expectations. Property owners are looking to enhance their assets to attract more customers, increase net operating income, and improve occupant well-being, all while future-proofing their properties during this period of energy instability. Some attractive upgrades to buildings include the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and solar PV roof panels, plus building technologies like heat pumps and high-efficiency water heaters for further electrification of buildings.

To accommodate these enhancements, some of which add to the building's electrical load, owners and facility managers are exploring ways to mitigate the capacity constraints without investing in additional electrical infrastructure. So, what is generally the easiest and most obvious answer for adding electrical load capacity? Efficiency. 

Create More Capacity With Less

U.S. commercial building energy expenditures are staggering, and the potential for efficiency is substantial. There is also legislation driving urgency to complete efficiency projects quickly. Who knows how long these tax breaks will be funded? Operational Efficiency Solutions (OES) like LED lighting upgrades, HVAC optimization, and energy management systems quickly and relatively inexpensively reduce energy waste and lower the overall electrical demand of a building.  

Implementing OES is an all-encompassing method to manage energy consumption and reduce waste across multiple properties, effectively preparing for future energy demands such as EV charging. Property owners benefit from OES as they can implement these projects with minimal out-of-pocket costs due to available utility rebates, tax deductions, and energy savings that offset project costs after complete implementation. With the potential for significant net tax, energy, and maintenance savings, organizations benefit greatly from OES, with paybacks as short as two years or less.

In addition, alternatives such as capital lease, Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS), and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) are available for those seeking financing options, providing alternatives to capital expenditures. They allow property owners to install energy-efficient LED lighting and other operational efficiency solutions with no upfront capital. Monthly payments divide the cost of the new energy-use upgrades, their installation, and maintenance. Because these programs can be defined as service agreements, they are designated as operating expenses, not as capital expenses. Energy and maintenance savings more than cover the monthly payments, making these programs cash flow positive on day one.

Preparing For The Future

With increasing energy and other demands, organizations strive to meet sustainability goals while undertaking energy efficiency projects. In today's world, it has become essential to leverage OES to help reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiency, creating the electrical load capacity necessary to accommodate todays and future needs. Having the right strategies, technologies, and funding to execute these comprehensive solutions requires the right partner. US LED has the extensive experience and capabilities required to be your strategic partner in this ever-changing energy landscape. Start a conversation with US LED today to learn how US LED’s turnkey OES solutions can quickly and confidently create the electrical load capacity you need now on a cash-flow-positive basis.

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