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6 Ways LED Parking Lot Lights Can Boost Your Business


The customer and employee experience begins in the parking lot. An LED lighting installation in your parking lot or auto dealership results in a safer experience and substantial efficiencies for business owners, reducing electricity and labor costs and positively impacting the environment. 

A Bright Future

Business owners and auto dealerships can lower energy and operational costs while meeting sustainability efforts by converting existing lighting systems to the most updated LED lighting technology. For example, converting from fluorescent and other inefficient lighting technologies or less efficient earlier generations of LED lighting can provide:

  • Lower energy costs 

LED technology uses up to 75 percent less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent options, resulting in substantial energy savings, especially in areas utilized for extended periods.

  • Lower operational and maintenance costs

US LED lighting solutions are engineered for high quality and longevity, approaching or exceeding 200,000 hours L70 lifetimes, substantially reducing lighting maintenance needs for decades in most applications.

  • Employee and customer well-being

A well-lit parking area allows for better visibility which helps employees and customers feel more secure by discouraging criminal activity, preventing accidents, and reducing vandalism.

  • Controllability and connectivity

LED lighting controls allow for continuous dimming in which the shift from 100 to 10 percent light output is smooth and seamless. Pairing LED lighting with intelligent sensors can help build smarter buildings with reduced energy consumption and more productive environments for the occupants. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows LED lights to be controlled via the web by precise amounts and provides real-time reporting of how a building’s systems perform.

  • Environmental sustainability

 LED lighting products have non-toxic, recyclable components, effectively eliminating the old disposal programs associated with legacy technologies like CFLs, metal halide, and fluorescents that contain mercury. Additionally, when quantified using the EPA calculator, the reduction in greenhouse and carbon dioxide emissions from an LED conversion is substantial. 

For example, one retailer converted over 8,000 locations to LED lighting and saved 226 million kWh/year. As a result, the equivalent of 353,097,297 lbs. of CO2 was also reduced. That’s the same as removing 34,510 gas-powered vehicles from the road and saving 189,542 acres of U.S. forests.

  • Alternative funding sources

    Most LED installations realize a beneficial return on investment (ROI) with a payback of three years or less. Utilities and state programs offer rebates and incentives to encourage LED lighting use. In addition, Lighting as a Service (LaaS), a model used to implement energy-efficient lighting projects without upfront capital, has gained traction. This scenario allows the end-user to install new LED lighting and maintain it with only a monthly service payment over the program's life.

Thanks to our early history in LED lighting, US LED has decades of engineering expertise to offer innovative LED luminaires and lamps for every commercial and industrial business. In addition, US LED provides value-added services that support these types of projects, including on-site lighting audits, photometric studies, turnkey installation, and rebate management. Since we control the quality process and assemble products in Houston, we offer our industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty that provides our customers confidence that their lighting will exceed safety and energy efficiency standards decades from now.

Ready For Some Help?

If you’re looking to make the switch, allow the lighting experts at US LED to help with your strategy and put together a lighting program that makes sense. Whether you have general questions, or something application-specific like auto dealership lighting, our experts are ready to assist you.  Book your free lighting assessment today to find out how LED lighting can boost sales and your bottom line. Click here to consult an expert.

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